Curriculum vitae - Gaetano Silvestri Campagnano
Italian translator



Name: Gaetano
Surname: Silvestri Campagnano
Place of Birth: Bultei (Sassari), Sardinia, Italy
Nationality and Mother Tongue: Italian
Address: Via Nino Bixio 30, 81031 Aversa (Caserta), Italy
Telephone: +39 081 362 86 00
Mobile: +39 333 662 61 38
Website: profile:


Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (English, French and Spanish), Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy (Graduation Thesis in Linguistics; final mark: 110/110).

Secondary School Diploma in Humanities at Liceo-Ginnasio (Grammar School) "Domenico Cirillo", Aversa (Caserta).


Over 25 years of experience in medical, science, IT and technical translation, as well as in software localization as a freelance translator.
Main Fields of Expertise: Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Devices, Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Products, Information Technology, Software Localization, Industrial and Consumer Electronics.

Major Projects and Related End Clients:

• Medical Review Articles;
• Clinical Trial Documents;
• Medical Questionnaires;
• Informed Consent Forms and Patient Information Sheets;
• Medical Meeting Reports and Presentations;
• Medical Training Documents;
• Medical Websites.

• Drug Review Articles;
• Drug SPCs and Package Inserts;
• New Drug Presentations.

Medical Devices:
Documentation Related To:
• Pacemakers and Defibrillators;
• Cardiovascular Catheters, Sheaths and Cannulae;
• Cardiovascular Stents, Grafts and Release Systems;
• Infusion/Insulin Pumps;
• Neurostimulators;
• Remote Programmers and Communicators for Implanted Devices;
• Oxygenators and Extracorporeal Circulation Devices;
• Cryoablation Devices;
• Hearing Aids and Accessories;
• Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Imaging Systems;
• X-Ray, CT and PET Imaging Systems;
• Radiation Therapy Equipment;
• Intensive Care Equipment and Vital Sign Monitors;
• Orthopaedic Implants and Devices;
• Surgical Instruments and Dressings;
• Contrast Agents and Related Equipment.

• Material Safety Data Sheets;

Biomedical Products:
Documentation Related To:
• Culture Media and Reagents;
• Blood Analyzers and Cytometers;
• Immunoassay Systems.

Information Technology - Hardware:
Documentation Related To:
• Desktop and Laptop Computers;
• Servers and Workstations;
• Printers/Scanners/Copiers;
• CD/DVD Recorders;
• PC Processors and Memory Modules;
• PC Controllers and Adapters;
• Portable Storage Devices.

Software Localization:
User Interface and Documentation Related To:
• Medical Software: Programs and Apps for Medical Devices, especially Pacemakers and Defibrillators, Neurostimulators, Remote Programmers and Communicators, Infusion and Insulin Pumps, Diagnostic Imaging Devices, Hearing Aids, Radiation Therapy Equipment;
• Software for Biomedical Equipment and Laboratory Management;
• Various Application Programs for Common Users.

Industrial Electronics:
Documentation Related To:
• Barcode Scanners;
• XRF Analyzers;
• Video Security Cameras;
• Security Systems.

Consumer Electronics:
Documentation Related To:
• Digital Cameras and Camcorders;
• DVD Players and Recorders;
• Smartphones;
• MP3 Players.

Main Fields of Expertise

  • Medicine -
  • Pharmacology -
  • Medical Devices -
  • Biology -
  • Chemistry -
  • Biomedical Products -
  • Information Technology -
  • Software Localization -
  • Industrial and consumer electronics